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What we do?

We provides energy business software solutions for the liberalized electricity and gas market players.

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Our Values

We have 3 Values, which determine the company and its colleagues as well! These are: Speed, Quality, and Learning.

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How do we do it

Our company is characterized by agility, so there is no question that the SCRUM methodology affects our company's operations.

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Why is the IP systems?

We are a youthful company, measured by international standards, with unique competencies and category-creating solutions.

Our team of experts is expanding very quickly, we work for the largest players in the gas and electricity market in Hungary and abroad.

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Learn more about your future colleagues and the way we work at IP Systems! #read #enjoy #apply #liveinit

I have been working at IPSystems Ltd. for more than 7 years, a company with two main pillars which ones are learning and knowledge. Following this approach, there are a lot of opportunities to widening my horizons meanwhile use modern technologies and learn the business side of the applications.The company itself places great emphasis on the professional training of its colleagues. Many times we tend to organise trainings to up-to-date our knowledge.Everyday work takes place in a highly developed environment - with professional tools, ergonomic work areas.There is a possibility to gain international experience, which is also not a posteriori aspect.Beside those, your colleagues will be so kindful. You always have a good coffee between two application builds. :)But if that was not enough, then you can spend half an hour in a recreation room, which is an another cool thing.

Zoli Pistár (Lead JAVA developer)

I like to work on a variety of interesting fields, so I can always learn a lot of interesting new things, and I can do it all in flexible working hours.

Lusztig Péter (Senior Business Analyst)

I have been working at IPSystems Ltd since the beginning, currently as Java architect. I like being here not only because I am able to work with the latest technologies with skilled professionals. But also – and in the first place – because the company managed to keep its familiar and friendly environment during the past ten years. It is quite common to play board games, cook in the office kitchen or just go out with the collagues after work.

Lontay Gábor (JAVA Architekt)

It’ easy to come in and work! No one is tense, there is no bully. Tasks do not come from instructions but from organizational culture and processes. I came here with IT interest for two years now, but I just blinked when I heard the word „build”. I do not understand deeply since then, but I'm disturbed if it does not turn.

Barna Dániel (IT Business Analyst)

I like my job because I have an opportunity to work in an environment where the latest IT solutions are applied and where we deal with important and contemporary energy market issues. Besides that, I am the member of a nice and highly skilled team, with prominent experience in IT and the energy industry. It is motivating and a great pleasure to work with such colleagues from whom I can always learn something new. We play an active role in the liberalization and modernization of emerging energy markets. Every day is fruitful and there are always new challenges to face. It is good to know that with our active market presence we can be catalysts for important and positive changes.

Füzesy Karina (Project manager)

Free coffee, fruit day, company parties, fun colleagues, fast commute, what else do you need? I can challenge myself with interesting and varied projects, expanding my horizons in every professional way. Everybody gladly shares their knowledge, there is no intra-company political maneuvering, instead there are workshops and lunches together (and beers after work).

Máté Zoltán (Software tester- Business Analyst)